Memorial Day 2012

Sunday May 27th, 2012. Mountain Memorial Weekend Parade.

Starting out on County W, going down Hwy 32 and ending just before Up North Realty, this parade has become a favorite with both tourists and locals alike. At 12:00 noon it starts, with food and refreshments served at the Schoolhouse Pavilion before, during and after the parade. Live music will start after the parade along with our raffles.

Come join the fun and help honor our veterans. For more info or to enter the parade call Sarge at 715-276-9957

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Chute Pond Ice Drags-Snowmobile Drag Races.


Second Saturday in February. Chute Pond Ice Drags-Snowmobile Drag Races. Registration from 9:00am-11:30am. Races start at Noon. Entry fee $5.00 per race entered. Classes include Studded, Unstudded, Vintage, Women’s, Seniors, Juniors, Kitty Kats and Grudge. Heated tent with refreshments, food, raffles and more. For more information call Larry Deau at 715-276-7526. Located on Chute Pond, in County Park 5 miles south of Mountain, just off Hwy 32. NO CARRYINS PLEASE.

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